iso 22483 tourism quality management system


ISO 22483 Tourism Quality Management System is the standards of the services and features offered by tourism service providers, including the facility and equipment requirements used, in order to make the right decisions for hotels and consumers operating in the field of tourism.

This document sets out the quality requirements for hotels regarding staff, service, activities, entertainment, security, maintenance, cleanliness, supply management and guest satisfaction. The requirements apply regardless of classifications and categories and whether services are provided directly by staff or by a subcontractor.

In today's increasingly competitive environment, there are main goals that companies have to achieve.

Among these, some targets stand out in terms of criticality;

• To Meet Customer Needs

• Increasing Efficiency by Reducing Costs

• Bringing New Products and Services to the Market

What is needed in the first place is that everyone knows what to do. Here ISO 9000 is a Quality Management System model used to create a quality system that can achieve these goals. In addition, ISO 9000 Quality Management System is a standard that can be applied in organizations operating in tourism, finance, insurance, health and other service sectors as well as production organizations.

This model enumerates a set of requirements for a basic common sense management system and gives valid tools to implement it. At the same time, it is aimed to reduce costs, improve the control of the management's system, respond to customer expectations and increase productivity throughout the organization. ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System includes the basic principles of Total Quality Management.

You can refer to Kioscert for more information.

iso 22483 tourism quality management system