KiosCert Certification

International Certification Company

KIOSCERT was founded in 2018. It has been operating in the field of certification and certification since the first day of its establishment. All of the services offered by KIOSCERT are designed to address the needs of institutions in every aspect. In this context, services are provided for international certification needs. We continue to meet the certification needs of different sectors with the services we offer in different areas from product tests to machine tools.

Within the scope of the services we offer, we provide system certification and product certification services in accordance with ISO standards. Focusing on the certification needs of different sectors, KIOSCERT provides system certification services within the scope of different regulations and ISO standards.

We follow the steps defined by international legislation and regulations in product certification processes. In this context, we aim to serve all institutions that apply to our company within the framework of independence, honesty and confidentiality. These principles we follow form the basis of our impartiality policies in the services we provide. At the same time, we ensure that all employees working within KIOSCERT act according to the impartiality policy we have adopted. Our young and dynamic team continues to serve all institutions applying to our company with the same impartiality.

Our Accreditation as KIOSCERT

KIOSCERT has been accredited by internationally recognized accreditation institutions in accordance with the standards related to its field of activity. In this context, the documents given to our company by the NAC accreditation institutions are as follows:

  • KIOSCERT is accredited from the NAC accreditation body according to the ISO/IEC 17021 standard.
  • KIOSCERT is accredited from the NAC accreditation body according to the ISO/IEC 17065 standard.